In The Search for Kühl Toys, Sometimes You Hit the Jackpot and Sometimes….

The Search for Kühl Toys is a long and dusty trail.  When the road is paved and clear, Kühl Toys just don’t exist.  At least most of the time.  We have stumbled upon the new Mercedes SLS being road tested and found a few things you might see next season.

But every once in a while you see what should be a Kühl Toy only to find that… Well, it isn’t.BMW who knows what spy shot copyright 2017 Kelly Bourquin

That happened to us yesterday.  While on the road in search of a new Kühl Toy we spotted the very distinctive kidney grill of a BMW with a camo cover over the BMW logo.  Look at this picture and you tell me how well they hid this turd.  From the way the car was parked and our vantage point, we couldn’t see what it was so we rushed over to check it out.  It was like a kid thinking he saw the ice cream man was around the corner only to find it was the dog catcher.

Sadly we found that BMW was testing what looked like a bad image of a Mercedes B-Class.  Why would BMW copy the ugliest Benz?  As an electric car the boxy B-Class isn’t a bad looking car, but it isn’t a good looking car and it clearly isn’t a Kühl Toy.  Sitting right next to a supercool Mini Countryman S, the new BMW is just downright odd.

Keep in mind that we think the BMW 3 series wagon or “estate” as the brits call them is one of the coolest grocery getters out there.  It holds ski’s, surfboards and your dog.  The thing we saw, not likely.
You tell us what you think, but this is a car we aren’t even going to accept for testing at Kühl Mini Cooper Rear View 2018 Spy Shot Kelly BourquinToys, even if it’s free.  Maybe we would let an intern use it to get us coffee, but not with the KühlToys logo on it that is for sure.  That mini countryman, we’d like to play with.  Drop it, tint it, surfboard rack it, and you might just have a cool toy er Kühl Toy.


Get Your KühlToys Swag Here!

While we are out hunting for more KühlToys for next season, we decided to sell some swag to pay for all the stuff that we have to buy and try that don’t make the cut.  So we put together a store where you can show everyone that you like the show KühlToys!

Help Save Kühl Toys

We are currently not able to sell Swag.  The guy that sold Alf hats like the TV character has decided that his company is too Kühl to let anyone else use Kühl in the name!  A simple German word that means “Cool” and Mr Alfwear’s fancy lawyers thinks he owns every single use of it?  

We disagree and are going to defend the KühlToys brand.  If you believe you can’t just own a single word and prevent everyone else from using it, Donate now, if we win, any extra money will be used to send the donors a thank you gift from the team at KühlToys.

We found out about this from a Google Alert.  No one called.  Then we got a letter saying they own all uses of Kühl.  Their trademark is for outdoor wear, not a webshow.  We think it is a pretty weak argument.

The link that let us know

Kühl Toys is NOT Affiliated with Alfwear Inc. dba Kühl.