Cellular Phone Watch – Dick Tracy Style – Is It Good Enough To Be a Kühl Toy?

The GSM Cellular Watch Challenge – Is There a Kühl Toy Out There? from Kühl Toys on Vimeo.

To be a Kühl Toy, it takes a lot to get the job done. In this segment we try to find a real Cellular Phone in a watch. Not an Apple Watch that needs to be in BlueTooth range of a paired up phone, but a real cellular watch. Not one was available in a store, and over 50 were available on line. We called and twenty companies answered the call and offered us watches. Funny thing is not one showed up.

Our producers went out and bought a dozen different cellular watches. Three watches were good enough for us to talk about them. We used T-mobile since all of them were GSM based. We couldn’t find a single CDMA ready unit.

Take a watch and see what we found!

The highlights of the tests go something like this…

1st Place – Sold Under Several Names

IP68, Lasted the longest in the water of any watch we tested.

2nd Place – iMacwear M7

Best Looking watch by far, large screen, but only good for hand washing and splashing, no submerged water activities.

3rd Place – Indigi – NOT WATER RESISTANT

Lightweight, looks great, good battery life and good cellular reception.

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