Get Your KühlToys Swag Here!

While we are out hunting for more KühlToys for next season, we decided to sell some swag to pay for all the stuff that we have to buy and try that don’t make the cut.  So we put together a store where you can show everyone that you like the show KühlToys!

Help Save Kühl Toys

We are currently not able to sell Swag.  The guy that sold Alf hats like the TV character has decided that his company is too Kühl to let anyone else use Kühl in the name!  A simple German word that means “Cool” and Mr Alfwear’s fancy lawyers thinks he owns every single use of it?  

We disagree and are going to defend the KühlToys brand.  If you believe you can’t just own a single word and prevent everyone else from using it, Donate now, if we win, any extra money will be used to send the donors a thank you gift from the team at KühlToys.

We found out about this from a Google Alert.  No one called.  Then we got a letter saying they own all uses of Kühl.  Their trademark is for outdoor wear, not a webshow.  We think it is a pretty weak argument.

The link that let us know

Kühl Toys is NOT Affiliated with Alfwear Inc. dba Kühl.




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