Best Wearable For Sleep?

What is the best wearable for sleep?  As a pilot, sleep is a critical element in my life.  The FAA has an entire program dedicated to safety and fatigue.  One of the funniest things is that the FAA and the NTSB recognize the that sleep isn’t “normal”.

When we started the search for the best wearable for sleep, we looked at the Jawbone Up, the Fit bit, the Samsung Gear and the Apple watch.  After Apple bought the company that found Beddit, we were hopeful that the Apple watch might actually be the all in one solution.

Besides the Beddit App, there is Pillow, Smart Alarm and at least a dozen other apps for the Apple Watch.  But do any of them make the Apple Watch the best wearable for sleep.   Quite frankly the answer is no.

The “experts” tell us the going to bed at the same time every night is important to good sleep. I don’t know who those experts are but our bodies are just a hair off of the standard sunrise sunset cycle.  Some people can be more than an hour off every day.

The military and the airlines use this to their advantage.  Knowing that a crew flying west can stay up an extra hour due to our circadian response to the sun, smart airlines run crews on long days going west and short days going east.

Sleep is also a very individual thing.  If you have a big presentation, you will find it very hard to go to bed at your “normal” time.  One company figured it out.  Jawbone.  I don’t have any idea why they failed, but I am very sad that none of my Jawbone Up wrist bands still work.  Not a one.

The Jawbone would let you go to sleep when you were ready, not some arbitrary time when the clock said do.  Better yet you could tell your Jawbone wearable what time you needed to be up.  The thing somehow knew your sleep cycles and woke you up from a light sleep 10-45 minutes before the time you told it.

This may not sound like much bit I can tell you that I had the best sleep ever once i learned to trust my Jawbone Up wearable band.  The Apple Watch doesn’t even come close.  It needs the phone to be nearby and in some cases the phone needs to be in or on the bed with you.  Ah, romance at its’ finest.

The beddit app even has another device you can put in bed with you.  What I don’t understand is why?  Jawbone had perfect technology that worked perfectly and suddenly no one can do it?

Wearables come down to a simple cost benefit.  For me and many of my pilot buddies, the jawbone was a game changer.  It had by far the best sleep management of any of the wearables we tested.

Fitbit has hinted they will have something similar, very soon.  Sadly they have been making that same promise for more than two years.  Apple with the beddit app is a big miss as far as I am concerned.

I hope that whoever gets the tech from Jawbone quickly creates an Apple Watch app.  I’ll pay $20 for that.

Until then, good luck getting any real sleep.

Welcome To Kühl Toys

Scott in a 1968 Mustang GT

Kühl Toys – All the stuff you want to buy but need to hide from your wife in a secret warehouse!

I test it, try it, live with it and then show you what happened.  When the idea started it was Tech-Tach-Dough, all the things that guys want to talk about that make their wives nuts.  At least mine thinks I am nuts.  We are in the process of building this website, and the truth is the process will never end.  The good news is that the first video is up and you can watch it by clicking here.

As soon as the editors finish creating the new intro scene, we’ll start loading episodes regularly.  We have some great stuff already “in the can” as they say in Hollywood.

Tech things like Cellular watches, and not those things that connect to your cell phone, we mean real Dick Tracy Style cellular watches that you can talk and text from without a cell phone hanging around.  A great way to leave the phablet at home and still stay in touch or keep up with the game.

I even tried to take some “Waterproof” cell watches surfing.  After all what better way to be out of the office?  Watch the episode and see how it worked out.

Nothing is perfect

We also put Alexa and Echo through the ringer, yep we found Alexa’s breaking point and she found mine.  If I can find it, I’ll buy it, install it and see what it really does.

Want to play drums in the garage but the neighbors complain?  Check out the episode on Acoustibloc.  We built a room so quiet the street was being torn up and we could still record in it.  My neighbor, a lead singer in a Rock band belted out a few notes and no one at the party knew he was in the room.  You don’t want to miss that one.

I’ve been in the Tech and Toy business for over 20 years, and now I am going to let you in on the secrets!

On the adventure side of the Kühl Toys world, how about the inside scoop from a GT Cup racing team.  We have exclusive access to a Pirrelli World Challenge Championship racing team and we’ll show you what it really takes to race a car and not lose your insurance.

My first car is the red 1968 Mustang GT you see at the top.  No I don’t still have it, but I haven’t slowed down yet.

Come back hang out and let me know what you think.